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New OMAKASE plate

"Omakase" (chef's choice) at sushi bars has been becoming popular for last few years, and it is simply the best way to enjoy the sushi because sushi chefs know the best of how to enjoy each fish and also which is the freshest of the day! But have you ever felt a little intimidated?? or felt like you're not quite hungry enough to sit in front of a chef??

Here is the solution!

Omakase sushi plates (2 sizes) at OkiDoki let you try the recommended fish for the day carefully selected by our sushi chefs at your tables! Chefs created this special deal for customers who have never tried Omakase (well.... of course you will enjoy it even if you're a sushi expert!) to give them a gist of what OkiDoki has to offer! All the sushi on the plate will be beautifully seasoned with the way chefs recommend so the real taste of ingredients will be enhanced.

Enjoy our daily fresh fish without having to ask or to pick one by one yourself!

10 pcs plate.

Restaurant: Okidoki Izakaya

Location:13681 Newport Ave Ste 9 Tustin, CA 92781←click for direction!

Phone:(714) 730-7051 Please feel free to call us for resrvation



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