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Spicy Beef Udon with Ox Tail

Spicy Beef Udon has been everyone's favorite. This time we made it even more delicious and tasty. We added Oxtail!!.

It's available for dine-in customers and online order for takeout now.

It's perfect Nabe for winter season

Our Spicy Beef Udon's broth is made with Tonkotsu broth. Umami from Tonkotsu broth made our soup so savory and mind blowing.

We made something special that really makes you smile after eating it!!

Our udon is made with 100% pure udon powder directly imported from Japan.

It's all natural ingredient and we handcraft our udon noodle freshly every morning to serve you

the freshest and the best quality like you eat in Japan.

With remaining soup, add crunchy rice ball and you can make delicious Risotto at the end.

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